High school students defy the odds

High school students defy the odds Palestinian high school students live in special conditions no other students in the world go through, yet they provide an example of a persistent student and can deal with any difficulties. In spite of what they faced this year from the Corona pandemic, and its negative effects, aside from the economic hardship, they gave an honorable model in overcoming obstacles, and they managed to accomplish great achievement that they, their families, and all the Palestinian people are proud of. One of the examples of this is the superiority of a young girl who lives in a house that suffers from very difficult circumstances. Her father is a peddler and he earns little, but he does his best to bypass obstacles and provide the family’s basic needs and to provide the best education for his children. After his daughter’s academic excellence the simple house turned into a great party place from joy and happiness. This girl does not have a mobile phone or social media account. She worked hard, recites the Quran and organizes her time. She never received tutorial lessons and depended on herself in the study, guarantees, and summaries and learned from the radio. This year, students achieved a great high success rate despite all the obstacles and difficulties that the Gaza Strip is going through, and which negatively affects all aspects of life, whether education, health, or the economy. Al Majd Association for Development congratulations all high school students for their success, congratulations.