ABDULRAHMAN 8-year-old orphan boy from Khan Younes

ABDULRAHMAN 8-year-old orphan boy from Khan Younes Abdulrahman lives with his five-membered family; his single mother and his three sisters. The mother is out of work and the family does not have a steady source of income, and so they mainly rely on social welfare witch they receive every four months, and charity aids from associations to support in their daily lives. Abdulrahman is in the first grade. He studies in a private school, to which he goes through transportation that costs around 25GBP a month. He is a good student and he also gets high marks, and to keep his performance on the track, he takes extra tuition lessons in his basic school subjects that cost around 30GBP a month. Abdulrahman and his family all enjoy good health. Al Majd Association for Development sponsors Abdulrahman and his family, along with tens of families in the Gaza strip, this will ensure for those families to have suitable and humanitarian life and will enable them to provide food, medication, and education.