MUHAMMAD 14-year-old orphan boy from Nusairat Refugee Camp

MUHAMMAD 14-year-old orphan boy from Nusairat Refugee Camp Muhammad lives with his mother, 3 sisters, and 2 brothers in Nusairat Refugee Camp in the middle area of the Gaza strip. His oldest brother is married and lives with them in a room, he has 2 children and his wife is pregnant with the 3rd. Also, there are 2 married sisters but they don’t live with them. After the death of the father, the family was left alone with no source of income. The mother is a strong and educated woman, after the death of her husband she refused to remarry and decided to take responsibility for her 8 children (2 daughters are married now), but with no source of income nor a job, it was a daunting task. Fortunately, she had managed with the help of the ministry of social affairs and the sponsorship she could raise her children properly. However, with 8 children, 5 of them are in schools and 2 are in universities this income is hardly enough to cover their essential needs. Consequently, the family lives through very bad economic conditions and needs any possible help. In spite of their bad economic conditions, the family insists to face their daily challenges with a smile and a heart full of hope in a better future, so they consider themselves blessed as they had several happy events during the last year, for an instant, Muhammad’s sister graduated from the Islamic University if Gaza, she is majoring Arabic language Education. Muhammad is in the 8th grade. He studies at Al Salah charity school for orphans which are located in Deir Albalah city; he goes there by school bus. This school introduces a free education for orphans. Muhammad is an intelligent, diligent, and superior student as he got excellent marks in all of his school subjects. However, he does not like the English language but loves Math. Regarding his upbringing in a religious family, Muhammad memorized 10 parts Quran in his early childhood. Currently, he keeps attending Quran memorizing circles in order to achieve his goal of memorizing the whole Quran, in addition to that, in spite of his young age he prays in Almasjed regularly. Muhammad finished memorizing 25 parts of the holy Quran. On another hand, he likes watching T.V in his spare time, he also enjoys reading stories. In addition to that, Muhammad seems to be an ambitious boy with a promising future; he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Thanks to Allah, Muhammad and his family are healthy; they don’t suffer from any physical disease. Al Majd Association for Development sponsors Muhammad and his family, along with tens of families in the Gaza strip, this will ensure for those families to have suitable and humanitarian life and will enable them to provide food, medication, and education.