HANAN 20-year-old orphan girl from Rafah

This family lives in a bad condition. This family consists of 3 members, the mother, and two girls. Hanan's family has only one source of income which is £300 per month from her Father's pension. her family has a house which consists of 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge, and a bathroom. It is covered by concrete and it is plastered and painted. Both daughters are students, studies at the university, and the other studies at school. Hanan is in sophomore level at Palestine University. She studies a diploma at Medical Secretary. She needs tuition and transportation fees for about £800 every year. She also needs stationary, such as books, pens, pencils, notebooks..etc. Her sister also needs stationary because she is at school. She dreams to finish her study and work at a company in the future. The family has health insurance and all of its members enjoy good health conditions. Al Majd Association for Development sponsors Hanan and her family, along with tens of families in the Gaza strip, this will ensure for those families to have suitable and humanitarian life and will enable them to provide food, medication, and education.