إعلان صادر عن هيئة المجد التنموية


يعلن مجلس إدارة هيئة المجد التنموية عن عقد الاجتماع العادي للجمعية العمومية للعام (2023) وذلك يوم الثلاثاء الموافق 14/03/2023 الساعة 11:00 صباحاً في قاعة اجتماعات الهيئة في مدينة غزة. 

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مجلس إدارة الجمعية

SAID 14-year-old orphan boy from Rafah

The family lives in a very bad condition it consists of 8 members, the mother, 4boys, and 3 girls. There are 2 kids study at schools. One child is disabled. 2 of the kids have finished their university study and they are jobless. And 2 of the children left their school and they could not complete their studies. They are also jobless. This family has only one source of income which is financial aid from the social affairs 120£ every four months. This family has a house that is covered by concrete it is very old. It consists of 1 room, a hall, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Unfortunately, as the family is quite large, the house is not big enough for them to live comfortably. In addition to this, the family is in dire need of a roof replacement as the current roof allows rainwater to leak through to the house during winter. Said is in eighth grade. He studies at UNRWA schools and his school is near his house so he does not need transportation fees. Unfortunately, he suffers from low achievement at school subjects, such as Arabic, Religion, Science, English, and Math. He needs private lessons, but his family is not able to pay about (£20) for his private lessons because of their bad financial condition. He dreams to be a doctor. Sadly Said suffers from troubles in his eyes and he needs an operation to put lenses about 2800$ and also his brother is disabled. He needs an automatic wheelchair for about 1420 £. Al Majd Association for Development sponsors Said and his family, along with tens of families in the Gaza strip, this will ensure for those families to have suitable and humanitarian life and will enable them to provide food, medication, and education.