EMAN 7-year-old orphan from Rafah

Eman lives with her mother, two sisters, and three brothers in an owned house which consists of three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The family’s main source of income is the small assistance they receive every three of four months from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Last year Eman joined the school and she is now in the first grade at a UNRWA school. She goes to school on foot although it is far from her home. She is doing well in her study and her favorite subject is Arabic. She attends tutorial lessons in English and math at a cost of about 10£ per month. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and watching cartoons. Two of her siblings are school students and her eldest sister is a college freshman student and the family is struggling to cover her tuition fees. Eman is fine and in good health. Her mother suffers from asthma and she receives medications at a cost of about 40 £ per month. Her brother, Abdullah, suffers from bilateral severe hearing loss and needs a hearing aid. He also suffers from congenital heart disease. Her brother, Mohammed, is deaf and mute. The rest of the family members are in good health. Al Majd Association for Development sponsors Eman and her family, along with tens of families in the Gaza strip, this will ensure for those families to have suitable and humanitarian life and will enable them to provide food, medication, and education.