SAHAR 20 years old from Beit Lahia

Sahar has Chronic arterial hypertension (Chronic high arterial blood pressure) and frequent Urinary tract infections (inflammations). She gets exhausted when she spends any additional effort. She should perform frequent medical examinations to examine and verify her health signs such as pressure and heart functions. Furthermore, her brother has one kidney dropped in the hip, he is forbidden from practicing any hard or long efforts, and he takes daily medications to prevent any frequent inflammations that may occur. Moreover, the mother has mental problems and she takes daily medications to prevent frequent inflammations. An only a small part of the medications is covered by the insurance and the family needs other support to get the expensive ones. Due to Sahar’s tough health situation, she had a low achievement in the school and therefore, she dropped out of it. She spends some of her time educating the children of her relatives and her brothers. In addition, she enjoys watching an educational course, series, cultural programs, prophets’ stories, ISLAM and QUR’AN related videos. Finally, she is looking forward to opening an income-producing project to help her family in the future. None of the family members have jobs or professions because of the lack of job opportunities in the country. Therefore, Sahar’s family depend for their living on a small part of the father’s pension (other part goes to others by inherent). These sources can cover the house’s basic food needs but the family needs other sources to cover the medications, good food, clothes, and other needs. Consequently, the family faces bad economic conditions and they depend on Sahar’s sponsorship to get the health demands and other essential needs for her and some of the family’s most essential needs. Al Majd Association for Development sponsors Sahar and her family, along with tens of families in the Gaza strip, this will ensure for those families to have suitable and humanitarian life and will enable them to provide fod, medication, and education.