ASMAA 13-year-old orphan from Khan Yunis city

Asmaa is an orphan girl who lives with her family that is composed of six members; her mother, her two brothers, and two sisters. The family lives in a very small apartment that is a very badly-conditioned house that consists of just one room. The mother is the sole caretaker of the house and she is unemployed due to the high unemployment rate in Gaza Strip. As a result, the family does not have a steady source of income to depend on for their daily lives, and they mainly depend on charity aids for support in order to cover their daily needs. Asmaa is in the seventh grade. She studies in a UNRWA school located in her city, to which she goes to on foot since it is located near her house. She is an ordinary student and attains intermediate school grades in all subjects. However, to further enhance her performance and keep it on track; she takes extra tutorial lessons in all of her school subjects, mainly in English language and mathematics that costs the family around 30GBP a month. Her hobbies include watching videos online and reading. She has a dream of becoming a teacher when she grows up in which she aspires to help others. Asmaa suffers from the flat foot which resulted in complications in her feet, which she needs extra medical care for. She does not take medication at the moment, but she is expected to go under surgery in the future. Al Majd Association for Development sponsors Asmaa and her family, along with tens of families in the Gaza strip, this will ensure for those families to have suitable and humanitarian life and will enable them to provide fod, medication, and education.