MAHA, a 2-year baby girl from Khan Yunis city

Maha is a young girl who enjoys playing with her siblings and watching videos on Youtube. She lives with her eight-membered family, parents, two sisters, and three brothers. The family lives in a badly-conditioned caravan house (towed trailer) that has only one small room. The caravan house is completely unfit for living, but the family is forced to live in since they do not have any other option. The father is jobless due to his medical issues. The family does not have a steady source of income to depend on in their daily lives, and they mainly depend on charity aids for support in order to cover their daily needs. Maha she does not go to any educational institution because she is too young, she spends her time home with her family. Maha is quite healthy. However, her older brother suffers from cerebral palsy and needs constant medical and social care, specifically physiotherapy sessions that cost around 100GBPa month. The father has leg problems that stop him from living a normal life. His medications cost more than 40GBPa month. Al Majd Association for Development sponsors Maha and her family, along with tens of families in the Gaza strip, this will ensure for those families to have suitable and humanitarian life and will enable them to provide food, medication, and education.