Providing livelihood projects

Providing livelihood projects for poor and needy people is a dynamic solution to achieve sustainable source of living. For this reasons, Al-Majd Association for Development provided some poor and needy families with livelihoods. This help is given to people whose livelihoods are affected due to the bad circumstances in the Gaza Strip. It’s also based on the priorities and goals defined by the beneficiaries themselves. Providing such a help affects them positively as they became the breadwinner for their families and they could cover their basics without depending totally on charity. It also decreases the stress that they face due to their inability to match their family needs. Saud Basal is one among many who received a help of “auto rickshaw” livelihood to match the needs of his family. He is 43 years old; he is married and has seven boys and two girls. All of them live in one room in a shared house with Saud’s four brothers. Saud left school when he was at 9th grade. He started working as a tailor in a sewing factory, and his financial condition during that time was good. But due to the bad circumstances and the siege imposed on the Strip, the owner of the factory was forced to close it. As the sole breadwinner of his family, he was searching for employment opportunities after the factory was closed. He decided to buy an auto rickshaw to sell chocolates in front of a university. This project failed, resulting in accumulating debt of about 500GBP. He sold the auto rickshaw in order to pay the debt. Saud’s elder son studies Diploma of Electronic; he finished three semesters, but couldn’t continue the last one due to their bad financial condition. He wishes to graduate in order to support his family. Saud and his wife suffer from Herniated Disc, both of them feel pain when doing hard physical tasks. They receive the needed treatments from UNRWA Heath Centre. Saud’s health condition prevents him from working harsh works, so he suggested buying an auto rickshaw to carry goods.